About Us

we are a subsidiary business of our parent company SilverBullets Consulting ( www.silverbullets.com.sg)

We aim to provide a one-stop experience for businesses & individuals shopping for sustainable lifestyle products. 

1) We promote the use of products made from re-cycled materials. By doing this, we generate demand for such products and manufacturers will seek re-cycled materials. This will spur the growth of the circular economy.

2) We promote the use of products made from eco-friendly materials such as wood, bamboo, felt, selected plastics (suitable for recycling or durable for the product's purpose), canvas, corn starch, wheat straw & organic cotton. 

3)  We encourage & promote the use of bio-degradable single-use products.  By using bio-degradable products, even if they end up in the wrong places after being used, they will decompose on their own.

4) The products listed on this website are those that we would use ourselves. These products (other than the single-use ones) are durable & of good quality. At the end of their lifespan, they can be recycled upstream or downstream to promote a circular economy.

Sustainable products are often perceived to be expensive because they come with brand labels & certifications. We hope to change this perception by keeping our overheads low. We source for products based on the manufacturers' declaration of their product materials & processes. We hope to add a wider range of sustainable products to our portfolio as we progress on this journey.

We seek your support to spread this message. We are SilverBullets - For Your Sustainable Lifestyle! For the Earth & for our Good!